Budaro - Reduce home design time 1.5x

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Description: VR application for home design
Technologies: Oculus Quest, Unity, React, ThreeJS
Problem to be solved: Optimizing and speeding up the process of designing homes at the customer's request

The Need

Budaro approached us with a need to optimize their consultation and configuration process for their architectural designs of small homes. Budaro then manufactures and builds the customized design for their client. The company wanted to create a web application that would help them streamline their business processes, including streamlining the ordering process by allowing potential clients to configure the different features of each design directly on the website.

Previously, designers required multiple consultation sessions with engineers to develop and implement their design ideas. This resulted in communication challenges and increased costs due to additional meetings and repeated adjustments.

The Analysis

Our first step was to understand the needs and preferences of our client, in order to identify the features that would make their product a success. We used Design Thinking and User Story Mapping methodologies to conduct multiple workshops, where we gathered precise requirements from product owners and designers alike.

After careful analysis, we determined that it would be best for Budaro to utilize a computer-assisted space planning platform which would allow them to customize their designs by creating a library of pieces of furniture and other items that could then be dragged-and-dropped into designs. Once customizing was complete, Budaro needed a way to manage all design modifications through one centralized system so they could easily view running costs associated with project changes and make informed decisions regarding pricing.

The Big Pivot

Here came perhaps the most important outcome of the strategy workshops we held. The client initially wanted to build a web application and a mobile one. Only after being exposed to cutting edge VR and AR headsets and ecosystems over the course of the workshops, the combined team of Techlike and Budaro concluded that the best possible experience of home configuration isn’t delivered through a 2D experience, but with a fully immersive 3D view of a Virtual Reality headset. We performed market studies, which proved, that conversions are up to 70% higher when the user can step into the virtual home himself/herself. There was no going back after this discovery. We set course for a fully immersive home-configuration experience with Oculus Quest 2. We helped define a sales process where a headset would be sent to clients for them to use it to create, configure and order their dream home with Budaro. 

This way we fully formed the idea behind Budaro Creator.  

The Product begins where ability and opportunity meet

Budaro Creator is a platform dedicated to the configuration of houses and can be used in three different ways: online, through mobile applications, or on Oculus glasses. It allows customers to create a house according to their needs and aesthetic preferences by selecting an area and then moving the walls, windows, doors and installations. They can also choose from the available finishing materials and decorative elements before adding finishing touches with drawings and even voice recognition.

The Execution

We designed a scalable architecture based on public cloud and best practices for security, performance and scalability of the application. Then, after making an internal UX/UI prototype for each platform which we tailored to the client's needs, we made a series of functional mock-ups of each application which helped to answer the last questions before starting the implementation phase.

House VR experience

Features that were selected by Budaro team, together with techlike consultants, as key in the first version of the product (Minimum Viable Product) to reach the market:

  • Selecting and configuring your home, including modifying the location of walls, doors, and selecting window types and decorative elements, on the Web, iOS, Android and Oculus Quest 2 platforms
  • Manage home designs, finishing materials, trim and decor, using a content management system
  • Saving and loading previously created projects
  • Preliminary pricing calculation of the configured project
  • Option to order a configured home by the customer
  • Integration with CRM to process the order or any assistance requests
  • Business processes automation to support the ordering flow

The client expected a fast implementation, and we maintained an efficient work process as well as constant communication with the product owner on the client's side.

The whole project was divided into sprints according to the SCRUM methodology. The purpose of each task was clearly defined and as soon as a task was completed, we moved on to another one. We aimed not only at solving specific tasks but also at creating high-quality code that would be easy for other developers to work with. While carrying out the programming work we also put a special emphasis on the security of the system and the protection of sensitive user data.

Techlike formed a team of 8 people, including a project manager, a backend, frontend, mobile and VR developers and a tester. We developed the platform with the following technologies: NodeJS, Azure Functions, React, React Native, ThreeJs, Unity, Photon, NextJS

Cooperation with Techlike is far from just another contractor experience, they really built the vision for our sales application hand in hand with us, sharing our drive to make Budaro the go to for small prefab homes and to perfect our internal processes as well. Having so many brilliant minds work on your product is something I haven’t experienced before when working with outsourced projects. A truly refreshing journey, not the last one with Techlike I’m sure."

Jakub Dobrzyński, Budaro COO

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