Howish - Optimization of trader time by 50%

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Description: An application to support marketing and sales processes.
Technologies: NodeJS, Azure Functions, React, NextJS.
Problem to be solved: Optimization and speeding up of marketing processes
related to lead generation and handling.

How It Started

Our client is an experienced entrepreneur in the field of sales of services and Internet marketing. He decided to crystallize his knowledge and techniques in the form of a web application, which we had the pleasure to build for him.

Prior to introducing Howish to the sales department, our client’s sales force used a traditional approach in their work which was aimed at creating leads and converting them into customers. The main issue with this process was that it was mostly manual and repeatable, with different members of the sales force repeating the same steps over again with multiple customers.

The Devil Lies In The Process

We used Design Thinking and User Story Mapping methodologies to conduct multiple workshops, where we gathered precise requirements from product owners and designers alike. This allowed us to create a feature set that met the needs of our client, while also accounting for their preferences and tastes

After studying our clients’ needs and analyzing the current business climate, we came to the conclusion that personalized video presentations are the best way to respond to salespeople’s need for increased efficiency while meeting the needs of their customers. We established a core presentation, recorded once for all customers, with a space designed to allow batch recordings that can be tailored for each customer separately.

This solution reduces the repetitiveness of their tasks and increases productivity up to four times, which in turn translates directly into an increase in turnover for our client. This solution is also convenient because it makes communication easier and faster between our clients’ employees, who will be able to communicate more efficiently with one another.

A Process Definition Tool 

Showing your customers how to get the most out of your products and services is one of the most effective ways to close sales. Howish helps sales leaders effectively support their team’s efforts by automatically creating intelligent on-boarding programs using our robust wizard, which allows them to define processes by which individual sales people will lead their customers through an intuitive process for becoming a successful customer.

Howish can drive your sales strategy with a powerful combination of lead qualification, customer communications and follow-up automation. Each of the processes could generate different automatic actions such as sms messages, static emails or emails with personalized video presentation.

When a customer responds to such a contact, they move forward in the process, where the lead salesperson is precisely instructed on what further action to take, or the system itself will take the appropriate action reactively, according to the campaign design and accompanying process.

A Conversion Machine

The last key need is data integrations with services like Facebook LeadAds, Google Ads and other marketing tools. Howish aggregates sales leads generated by these tools and feeds them into the process described above. This is where the magic happens.

The entire solution is designed to be extensible, allowing third party systems integration with WebHooks and a GraphQL API. At Techlike we understand the depth of ecosystems and how important they are to great products. We always recommend that the best SaaS products are designed for developers, and to ensure their success, we encourage customers to have an ecosystem of partners and developers contributing to the product evolution.

The Execution

We designed, tested and implemented a scalable architecture based on public cloud, best practices for security and performance. After creating internal user experience/user interface prototypes for each platform to meet the client's needs, we made a series of functional mock-ups of each application which helped us answer the last questions before starting the implementation phase.

We followed the SCRUM methodology to successfully complete this project. We ensured that each task was clearly defined, and as soon as a task was completed, we moved on to another one. We aimed not only at solving specific tasks but also at creating high-quality code that would be easy for other developers to work with. While carrying out the programming work we also put a special emphasis on the security of the system and the protection of sensitive user data.

Techlike formed a team of 5 people, including a project manager, a backend and frontend developers and a tester.

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