OWN-R - Automation of trademark registration

5 mins read

Description: Trademark registration automation application.
Technologies: React, NodeJs, Azure Functions, Sentry
Problem to be solved: Optimization and acceleration of execution processes in the registration of trademarks.

We were approached by a law firm that deals with trademark registration. It was looking for a new solution to speed up the entire process. During the workshop, we worked with them to identify points of concern for their clients in the service and optimization measures.

The first stage of work after the workshop was designing and implementing a modern and fully responsive landing page that illustrates the entire trademark registration process. The most important task for us was to design the page in such a way that it would increase conversions in online advertising.

After designing the website and testing it, we moved on to designing the web application, which was to automate as much as possible the process of analyzing the potential of a trademark to be claimed and the trademark claiming process itself.

After testing the MVP version of the application, we moved on to extending it and constructing algorithms to enable the user to carry out the trademark registration process on his own. Aspects such as the intuitiveness of the application, its responsiveness and allowing the customer to make payments for the service online were important elements here.

This is how OWN-R was created, a service that accelerates the entire trademark registration process by 60% without the need for direct consultation with a lawyer. The user saves not only time, but also money.

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