PFOZ - Bankruptcy Application Generator

6 mins read

Description: Application to automate the preparation of consumer bankruptcy applications
Technologies: React, NodeJs, Azure Functions, Sentry
Problem to be solved: Maximum possible automation of the processing of consumer bankruptcy applications.

Among other things, PRAVNA Group deals with the preparation of consumer bankruptcy applications. This is a very complicated and lengthy process, involving collecting and analyzing documents, aggregating information and drafting the application.

During the workshop, we designed a tool to speed up the process of obtaining documents and reduce direct contact with a lawyer.

We designed and initially made an MVP version of the application, which was used to upload documents and collect the necessary information from the user. This information was provided to the lawyer in his information management panel. After testing the application, we made improvements to streamline the user experience to make it truly intuitive.

The next step was the development and implementation of machine learning algorithms that, based on the collected documents and information, filled in the relevant places in the consumer bankruptcy application form with phrases specified in an internal dictionary. As a result, the application is used not only to obtain documents and basic information about the service's client, but also to speed up and 90% automate the process of preparing the application itself.

After the implementation period, the client also asked us to add other functionalities. Among other things, he wanted to integrate the application with the payment system and prepare a mobile version of the application. This is because it turned out that some customers would like to use the service via phone.

A problem that arose during testing concerned the uploading of document scans to the application. Many users had documents of papers they did not have a scanner. So we implemented a proprietary solution to integrate the desktop application with the cell phone. In simple terms - documents scanned with the phone were placed immediately in the application, and thus in the appropriate place in the bankruptcy application.

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