PRAVNA.pro - A marketplace for lawyers

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Description: System for accepting and managing legal orders - marketplace for legal services.
Technologies: React, NodeJS, Twilio, Azure Functions, Azure Synapse, PowerBI, Sentry
Problem to be solved: Streamlining the processes of ordering and executing legal services online.

How It Started

We were approached by a company in the legal industry to help them scale their business.

Until now, they had been providing their legal aid services online, but via email, video messaging and phone calls. Now they wanted to create a marketplace for lawyers.

The First Step

The first stage of the project was for us to organize a design thinking workshop, during which we diagnosed all the company's needs and current problems. The main challenge was that most of the lawyers employed by our client work remotely and it is very difficult to standardize their work. Using an in-house CRM system involved monitoring every action of a lawyer.

After the workshop, during which we diagnosed the company's needs, we set about designing the architecture of the system for handling online legal orders. We created a functionality model and proceeded to discuss it.

Designing A Clear Interface

After approving the framework of the system, we designed the interface to be clear and easy to use for both clients and lawyers. Once it was designed, we conducted UX studies to eliminate potential user errors.

The Execution

Acceptance of the interface was quick and we were able to begin the programming work. The most important thing for our client was that the system should be easy to use and that it should also be available in a mobile version. Also important were such features as:

  • client's ability to order legal matters with the possibility to attach documents,
  • lawyer exchange - the ability for several lawyers to value an order,
  • the possibility for the client to choose one offer,
  • various types of payment,
  • possibility to administer and control the work of lawyers.

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