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Description: Video-based online psychotherapy app.
Problem to be solved: Streamlining and optimizing the processes involved in serving clients of an online psychological counseling center.

How It Started

With Risify, you can get the help you need from a trained psychotherapist without ever leaving home. They approached our team for help as their business wasn't growing as much as expected, and they had problems with managing their relationships with clients as it required a lot of manual work on their part.

After the initial meeting with the Risify team, we began to brainstorm about their business. Using a technique called Event Storming, we created a map of their current business processes and uncovered unspoken stories about problems that their clients (and potential clients) faced. At this point, we knew that this was a complex case that required comprehensive knowledge in different areas. But we had the right people on board, so we rolled up our sleeves and started working.

Website Redesign

Stack: Strapi, Gatsby, React, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning

The first thing an online therapy service needs is a website, and so we began there. We studied all the information on their old site and came up with some problems: it was aesthetically unappealing, it was difficult to navigate, and it focused more on how their service works than on how it could help people. 

The solution we came up with was a sleek, new design that communicated the benefit of online psychotherapy in an accessible way. We changed the tone of the website, using a copy that was more conversational and friendly. It's no longer a drab website with clinical jargon - instead, it empowers users to take control of their mental health with confidence. 

We also introduced a new feature - an online survey where the potential client answers questions about his or her personality features. The answers are analyzed with a machine learning algorithm, which pairs patients with the best therapists for their needs.

CRM System

Stack: Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, PowerAutomate

In order for Risify to maintain its mission, Risify needed a Customer Relationship Management system that would allow it to scale and grow. It also needed a CRM that was user friendly, so that therapists could easily see what information they should be collecting from each client. Finally, the CRM needed to be able to integrate with other tools, allowing for fine-tuning for different scenarios.

After careful consideration, we decided to go with Vcita, an extensible CRM platform that allows for the creation of custom workflows and automations. On top of this, we identified and covered five crucial scenarios using Azure Functions and Power Automate, which reduced the manual effort of Risify team members by 90%!

Video Conferencing

Stack: React, Next.js, Twilio, AKS, Azure Storage, Sentry

Risify had a problem: their video conferencing solution wasn't working well.

So we fixed it.

We identified that one of the sources of this problem was the solution they used. It was unreliable, there were many complaints about connection stability - which meant that it wasn't just frustrating for therapists and patients; it was also bad business for the company. If people weren't able to get their appointments on time, they might not come back, or worse, they might decide to go elsewhere.

As it's such a core aspect of their business we proposed that we would introduce a new video calling solution tailored specifically to their needs. We carefully designed UI/UX with reference to a redesigned website and integrated with the rest of the system too - therapists can see details of appointments and see patient's history directly in the interface.

The result was a fully operational platform which allows users to join appointments and chat with therapists instantly. It also improved the overall user experience for both clients and therapists by providing an easy-to-use interface and high quality video calls.

The other thing we did was create a feedback survey after each call. This way, Risify can see which calls are more successful and use that data to inform how they run their business.

Reporting & Analytics

Stack: Azure Data Factory, Synapse, PowerBI

We identified a problem with the way the Risify team interacts with psychotherapists and clients. The team had a lot of assumptions about their relationships, and no clear idea about how to improve them.

We proposed that we could build a reporting service to help them get more insights into their business. We built an integration process which extracts and transforms business events generated from CRM, website and video chat service and loads it to the data warehouse. On top of it we created a set of reports which present key metrics like number of leads per month, average customer lifetime value, customer satisfaction level etc.

I've worked with a lot of developers in my career, but Techlike's team is the best I've ever encountered. Their communication was clear and efficient from the very beginning, and their cooperative attitude made everything easy—from planning to implementation. They have a team full of competent people in different areas and you can be sure that they'll be able to inform you about what stage your project is in, gather requirements for next steps, and make sure those get implemented.The solutions they proposed and implemented gave a boost to our business and allowed us to scale faster than ever before."

Patryk Rzepka - Risify CEO

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