SignPlease - Online contracts for freelancers

4 mins read

Description: Electronic signature application for freelancers.
Technologies: React, NextJS, Azure Functions, NodeJS, Sentry
Problem to be solved: Make it faster and easier to sign contracts electronically, without the need to create a user account.

Signing contracts in the traditional way is archaic nowadays. It significantly prolongs the execution of projects and involves resources. It is possible to sign a contract electronically, but any system requires setting up a user account and operating it.

We conducted a workshop for the client, during which we diagnosed what are the biggest problems with traditional contract signing and electronic contract signing from the point of view of freelancers - people who care about the simplicity of the solution, and the execution time, due to them implementing many, often small projects.

During the workshop, we developed the concept of a solution that meets the expectations of freelancers - reducing the time for signing contracts and giving the possibility to conclude different forms of contracts with different contractors.

This is how SignPlease was created - an application for freelancers to sign contracts fully online, without having to create an account.

However, how was our client going to make money from it? Together during the next workshop we designed a business model, according to which in the free version the user can sign a standard version of the contract. After paying for the service, he can expand the service's capabilities to add his own logo on the contract, enter his own contract templates and fully personalize the entire document.

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